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How much for a new backbox for a 172?


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
£100 for a new rear box. Will need a new sleave for it also @ around £17
  M2 Competition
Around 335 with cs discount iirc ;)

If you get another backbox it'll be on the floor again in 30k miles...


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
My stealth lasted a week, never mind 30k. All rrrraaaaassssp!!!


ClioSport Club Member
standard rear backbox isnt actually that expensive but as said it wont last long.

u wont regret a k-tec stealth though, cant hear it on teh motorway at 70/80 can just hear it and no more when croosing around town but open it up and it sounds awesome!! (thats my opinion on one with a decat too!!)
  alien green rs133
put a timax back box on a custmers 172 (tight git he is)

think including fitting got change from 70 quid lol
  350Z and 172 Cup
My back box fell off on M1 last year - replaced it with full stainless system for 299, has lifetime guarantee. Little bit louder than standard but not ear splitting.