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How much have you spent on modding ?

How much have you spent altogether and after it was done do you think it was worththe money ?
  BMW 330D
Bout £1000 now i think.
Was worth it for some stuff not for others though.
Wheels and TV:cool: worth it, 172 bodykit not so.
  AMV8, Mk1 Golf
on my way to 3k :S

wheels worth it deff, colour coding yes, lowering yes

all in all yes worth it, not spending anymore though even though i want to
I think ill just be over the £1000 mark when i finish modding which will be within the next month then my clio is complete.
My clio doesnt look like its had over a grand on it but it has with the new leather 182 interior 172 alloys ,electric windows, pedals, white dials gearknob ,new mats, new rear light ,headlights and a couple of over little bits.
  The Beast MK4
It will probably be about 1K now and it was definately all worth it.

2 Sets of wheels (Fronts on the first set buckled so I went black)
Eibach Pros
Custom Cat-Back Zaust
Phase 2 Rear Clusters
Silvervisions all round
Dynamique Spoiler
Dynamique Interior
Headunit and front speakers

Don't think im forgetting anything lol


  Clio 172 (Silver)
Exhaust £300
Wheels £400
Splitter £50
K&N £50
Lights, bulbs etc £100
Other bits n bobs £100

Totalling just over a grand.
  Nissan 350Z
Exhaust - £235 + £50 fitting.
Pads + Lines - £100 inc fitting

So about £385.

Worth it? Not sure. The upgraded brake lines have given the best difference so far.

I dont intend to spend much money modding though. I think i would rather save up for a different car than modding a car which frankly is pretty good out of the box anyway.
  AMV8, Mk1 Golf
oh if we are playing that game lol

lowering £350
Wheels £1000 inc tyres, fitting and 1 referb wheel
colourcoding and smoothing £350
172 rear bumper £50
head unit £600
silvervisions £20
speakers £50
sport grill £40
Boot build (not including audio equipment) £150

so thats erm £2610

not to mention services etc

o and i dont count my sub and amp in that as they can go in any car


ClioSport Club Member
im at just over £3,000 now

dynamique interior, 15" wheels, dynamique spoiler, brakes, ice and the best mod Suspension were all worth it

16" wheels & k-tec relocated induction kit wernt, and are no longer fitted
  Renault Clio Mk1 1.4 RT
Alloys - £175
Seats & frames - £160
EBC pads disks and springs and shocks - £600 inc. fitting
H.U - £250
Sub and amp - £140
Wings - £35
Skirts £30
Exhaust £20
T.V and DVD - £150

Still alot i want to but its all exterior now - and colour coding interior so i think about another grand max!!

£1560 so far - i think about £3000 when finished!!

Depressing when you think about it but ah well got to love doing it!!

Turinis and tyres £500
Maxogen - £280
Pro Speed - £275
HillPower Inlet manifold - £180
Grp N ECU - £250
Uprated Fuel Pressure regulator - £60
Tar-Ox pads - Can't remember
Cup Spoiler - £160
Cup Splitters - 2 x £45 = 90 (and I need another one now Badgers 2 - laingo 0!!)

Think that's about it! So nearly £1800. Couple that to the fact that I bought it for £12,000 new out of my own back pocket and it's worth about £6500-£7000 now.

So the car has actually cost me £7,300 over three years.

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more than i payed for the car lol

Suspension.. £220
Williams alloys + refurbed.. £260
Exhaust + decat.. £150
Strut brace.. £40
Chip.. £40
CD player + decent speakers.. £190
All new discs an pads (plus the expensive rear disc bearings) £200ish

Then not to mention tyres, oil, filters, plugs, leads, coolent, repairs, and the tax and insurance!

oooooooo and not forgeting the Cliosport sticker.... £5

So all in all i am guess around £1300 so far? Sounds bad now ive jst worked all that out haha


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Exhaust 450
Wheels 200
Tyres 200
stereo 500
uprated brakes 200

ok, i'm going to stop now before i vomit on my keyboard...........


ClioSport Club Member
  PH1 Oddy, M140i
I think Im in to £4000....loved every bit of it! Would'nt go back to standard for anything!
But only the tained eye will see/know where its all gone.

Theres more coming too!!
wheels - £750
coilovers - £445
172 front/rear bumpers with fogs + grills £500
perfomance brakes £200
full colour code £200
side skirts £150
silvervisions £20
audio £500
IK - 100

plus a lot more... if my insurance so ghey back when i got this car, i should of saved for a 172.


ClioSport Club Member
wheels £170
spoiler £30
172 front bumper £130
172 rear bumper £80
172 arches & skirts £180

+ spraying costs on top

will be close to 1k once its done :dead:
  Clio 1.6 16v Dynamique +
Hmm, loads so far. Still got a way to go though.

4 OZ Super Turismo GT's £512
4 Continental sports contacts £287
Eibach Pro supsension kit £500
Fitting of Eibachs £200
Head unit, multi cd changer + Viper alarm £1000.
Body kit £500 (yet to be fitted)
Mats £50
Rear lights £65
Momo pedals £35 (Yet to be fitted)
Silver vision bulbs £20
Clear side repeaters £14 .

Total so far £3183.00

Worth it? Bet your bloody arse it is!

I still have got the kit to be fitted, colour coding to be done, stainless steel exhaust to be fitted and if I have any money left I am going to get the seats and door panels recovered. (seats half leather).

Estimated total cost when finished is around £5500.00 give or take a few hundred. lol


  RS 182 - Black Gold
Big list from people!

Ive spent waay too much, would have spent a lot more but Insurance is a killer !!

How many of you lot have declared all your mods !! :evil: :dapprove:
  106 GTi
Denison ipod link £99
Winter Rubber Floor matts £20


Cleaning products about a fivers worth ;)
  Volvo S60 T5 asap
£20 on custom re-working of air induction based on std airbox with kn panel filter. so £70 in total physically.

£17.99 zx1 lube in engine, Millers Diesel Power Plus @ £6.99 a bottle. Coolant additive £10, soon to be zx1 high dose in gearbox, less friction, and less engine power wasted through transmission due to heat. that and zx1 in fuel all time now, and £295 on custom ecu tune soon.

So on the initial phase (after 2nd November) £375.00 + £17.99 a bottle of ZX1 (in fuel)& £6.99 per bottle of Millers DPP.

I only run on Shell Diesel Extra.

The results of doing all this are tremendous.
  Mondeo STTDCI
I wont do passed cars, just the 182.

182 Trophy Turini's - about £80.00 in total. Sold the original wheels for £450 plus petrol fetching them
Trophy Recaro's - About £1000 in buying, fetching and fitting. Sold original seats for £250 IIRC so about £750.00
Prospeed Exchaust about £600.00 in buying fitting and travelling to Cardiff.

So About £1800.00