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***How much is it worth?***


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  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
Thoughts on this.

04/54 BMW 318ES Coupe thing in Black with 75k.

Bar a scratch on the passenger rear quarter the car is dead straight.


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  CLIO 182
Hi Guys,

after a rough estimate for my 182. Not selling but interested! If it’s more than I think may even show the Mrs lol

Spec is as follows
182 Artic Blue FF 54 plate
99k on clock.
belts etc done at 91k
Service history
Just changed the alternator
Interior complete no tears etc
Drives great
Bodywork is a little tatty although I’m OCD
Few car park Dings
KTEC exhaust system - no clue what spec
Stock apart from that
Far from the best example here.
9 months MOT


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  E92 M3, BG 182
Hi All,

I'm going to be selling by BG 182 very soon but not sure where to price it so could do with some help.

It's an 04 with 95K miles. I've owned the car for around 4 years and in my ownership it's had quite a bit of work done by Mick at Diamond Motors and bits and pieces fitted by my. Here's a list of what's been done in my ownership

Brand new Bilstein B14's bought new from KAM Racing back end of last year
Brand new Direnza alloy radiator again new from KAM Racing back end of last year
Pure Motorsport exhaust and decat pipe (also have the standard cat)
Whiteline RARB
New clutch fitted by Mick at Diamond last year and lightened flywheel supplied by Northloop fitted at the same time
Northloop bump steer and roll centre correction hub kit fitted
Cambelt, dephaser and waterpump done by Mick at Diamond Motors just a couple of thousand miles ago
Sabelt Renaultsport blue alcantara steering wheel and 172 indicator/horn stalk
Ktec refurbished steering wheel in mint condition
Ktec induction kit
Ktec solid top mounts
Ktec engine and gearbox mounts
Polybushed dogbone mount
New powerflex front ARB and steering rack mounts
Braided brake lines fitted at the front (I have the rears also just not got around to fitting them)
New genuine renault rear light clusters
AD08R tyres all round
Rear wiper delete
I have removed the rear seats but I have them in my storage unit if the buyer wants them

Bad points
Wheels could do with a refurb
A few age related marks to exterior and interior (nothing major)
Volume control thingy on the steering column will not stay in (clip broken I think)
When I fitted the new radiator I removed the condenser as the mounts had rotted away so currently no aircon

Would appreciate a rough idea of what value to advertise at.

  Clio 182
Looking for some advice / recommendations !

I have an Arctic Blue 182 , 54 plate that has currently only done 40,000 miles!!

Im the 2nd owner from new and had the full service, belts, timing , aux, pumps etc when i first purchaced it; 5 years ago at 30k ish mainly due to the age of the rubbers etc and i didnt want to risk anything going wrong and have cared for it as much as possible since.

Its only done 10k miles in this time and Ive maintained it almost perfectly. Its just passed its MOT with a new windscreen (due to 1 tiny little chip ).

Im not sure wether its a cup, FF etc but has all the feteatures - air con, esp, cruise control etc etc?

Im now changing job positions and will be doing approx 1000 miles per month instead of 90 so the miles will be going up 12k ish every year.

It recently had 4 toyo proxes tyres, brakes and service and its generally standard from new. Reguarly polished and looks lovely in and out. (Never done a track day)

Going for Prices ?

Im just thinking weather to change to something else a little more comfy (1 series bmw, Astra, focus, 3 door diesel) for the extra miles every day or stick with the clio?

Thanks in advance.


  Land Rover
I’d estimate £4,000
There was a one owner 20,000 mile one on sale at a dealer last year for £5,995 and it was there for months.
  Clio Sport 172
Hi guys and girls
Car spec as follows apologies no pics:
36k miles!!
renault Clio sport 172 (2000)
Flame red
Seats are in great condition
Been sat for a long time so needs new brakes, exhaust and wheel refurb
Probably needs a new cambelt as not been done for years
Paintwork in fair condition

Oil leak from the rocker cover, specifically one bolt on the right hand side. Is this typical, possible issues?

Long time return for me to the forum so hello to everyone. Rough guide prices would be great before buying. Sorry no pics atm. TIA


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172
If that was mint it would be ~£5k. I’d offer £1500 leaving you a couple of grand to sort.

edit..ph1, so maybe less


ClioSport Club Member
  Renault Clio 1.6 Rsi
Evening all,
Phase 1 pearl black with 120k on the clock.
Car is in a barn, covered in moss and mould in and and out. Only been sat around a year since the last MOT however the owner has no paperwork with the car so it's safe to assume it wants belts and all consumables replacing. He also informed me that the crank position sensor was faulty, and in the end was pulled off in temper. The arches show no signs of bubbling however a quick look under the car shows what looks like minor surface corrosion of the jacking points. No idea what its value is if any at this point!

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ClioSport Club Member
  Renault Clio 1.6 Rsi
How much does he or she want?. Needs to be out and cleaned etc.

I'm sure there's a home for it.
It needs a full biological decontamination, or at worst new seats, it's rather, shall we say organic in the cabin at the moment Can't drive it though as it has no cam position sensor attached so won't fire, however the last MOT in April 2019 had no advisories so it's a semi positive sign

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ClioSport Club Member
  Renault Clio 1.6 Rsi
Snapped a picture of it today, that's a tough idea of the condition. Was going to bid them lower than 1500, just didn't want to be too cheeky about it!



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  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
Are you looking at keeping it

That rear quarter has been painted quite badly. So it looks like in the pic.

Need to get it washed off etc.
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ClioSport Club Member
  Renault Clio 1.6 Rsi
Yes and no, will bring it up to scratch over summer and probably winter have my fun with it and then move it along. I think its just the picture paintwork was pretty decent all round, just covered in film of green moss top to bottom


ClioSport Club Member
  Renault Clio 1.6 Rsi
Cheers for the replies! Going to know tomorrow if my offer is accepted, just hopefully rust hasn't got hold of the sills! A project thread will follow should I get it

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  Clio 172
Hi I’m thinking abut selling my sunflower 172 track car, but I’m not sure how to value it so I’m looking for some input,brief spec is fully stripped with weld in roll cage,bucket seats, 4 point harness,small alcantara steering wheel, air air bags removed and replaced dash replaced with non air bag model,coil overs with adjustable top mounts, stainless exhaust,clutch has done 2 track days,phase 2 rear bumper and lights,1990,s laguna touring car style graphics,
I also have a small spares package and trailer that could also go with it, 6 extra wheels, 2 x drive shafts ,4 xfog lights and surrounds, 2 x front bumpers,all original door panels, and a twin axel Brian James hydraulic tilt bed trailer with tyre rack
any input would be appreciated
thanks stuart
  Clio 172
Yes it’s a genuine one, I’ve done a bit of research on here and it used to belong to middo, sills are ok as far is I know ,its been dry stored for the past 9 years, but I will check them
  Clio 172
I’m not sure how much to expect, ive had a look around and can only find one other sunflower for sale which is totally standard so I can’t really compare mine with it
thanks Stuart


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  ITB'd Clio
What’s my Cup worth? 83k.
Had it a few years belts, defazer and water pump done last month with receipt, oil, gearbox and brake fluids changed in February, only mod on it are H and R springs, it was laid up on last owners drive for nearly 3 year and when I got it I change all suspension with new Cup parts. new disc, brake lines and PBS pads. Most probably done other things but forgot about them. Car looks mint but usual paint bubbles around arch’s if I keep the car that’s next on my list to sort but been offered another car I want so not sure whether to keep the cup. And wheels have just been refurbished and have good Rainsports on them.



ClioSport Club Member
  182. tt cube vito
stock 182 53k racing blue.
where to start with pricing? owned by my auntie since april 07
serviced annually without fail, belts at 29k and 50k, all done at local indy.
just had new alternator,rear shocks, handbrake cable and ABS sensors for its mot in march.
had to replace the exhaust with a stainless catback (MIJ Engineering) straight after the MOT but other than that has always been stock.
always had pirelli PZ Neros.
has a couple of scuffs to bumpers and the stitching is starting to separate on the upper section of drivers seat ( Auntie is a bit of a Heiffer) i will get this repaired.
was going to have it myself and use as a toy but cannot justify it at the moment.
also it is based in north cornwall so not easy to view.
what do you guys reckon its worth, and where best to advertise it?


ClioSport Club Member
  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
Great colour with low miles and well looked after. Assuming pics match the description.

Good ones are hard to find. May not sell within the hour but I reckon someone would.

Price to sell quickly would be £4k

All imo of course 😄

How much did you think


ClioSport Club Member
  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
Cool. Theres a lady by my work that has one like yours.

It is a less desirable model but none the less sort after. Any signs of rust?

@R-Sport. May have a better idea.