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How Much Is My Car Worth

  Skoda Fabia vRS

how much is my RT worth ?........i dont wanna sell it i love my car to bits, im just wonderin

Engine Mods:
Hill Power Stage One Chip
Hill Power Induction Kit
Hill Power De-Cat Pipe
Hill Power Uprated Lower Engine Mount
Peco Powermaster Stainless Back-Box
Peco Stainless Straight Through Centre Section
Magnecor KV 85 Ignition Leads
Bosch Super 4 Plugs

Clio 16v Phase 1 - Refurbished
Nankang NS1 Tyres

Tarox G88 40 Groove
Tarox Race/Rally Pads
Castrol Synthetic Dot 4

Bilstein Streetline Kit

Exterior Mods:
Dimma Fuel Cap
Black Side Repeaters

Interior Mods:
Sparco Knob & Pedals
Richbrook Tax Disc Holder

Kenwood KDC-PS9080R
JBL Fronts
Kicker 6x9s
Kicker IX402 Amp
Modified MDF Parcel Shelf

Cobra Cat1

ive spent easily £2k on this car, and have most if not all receipts for it
  Skoda Fabia vRS

list of stuff done to it:

When bought - 68k

New Plugs - Champion EON
New Wheel Bearing
Two New Tyres
Oil Change - only for 400 miles......then ->
Oil Change - Mobil 1 Motorsport 15W-50
New Window guide
New Window rubber
New Headlight & Sidelight bulbs


Halfords Calcium 4yr battery

02/02 72k

Oil Change - Castrol Magnatec 10W-40
New Fuel Filter

03/02 74k

New Idle Motor
New Starter Motor
New Brake Pads

04/02 76k

Oil Change - Silkolene Pro S 10W-50
Coolant Change
New Alternator
New Auxiliary Belt
New Spark Plugs - Bosch Super 4
New Gaitor
Redex 6k Treatment

05/02 78k

Clean & Re-Oiled Air Filter
Hill Power Chip

06/02 80k

Tappets Reset
New Spark Plugs - NGK V-Groove

07/02 82k

Bilstein Suspension Kit
Tarox Brakes
Oil Change - Silkolene Pro R 15W-50
Redex 6k Treatment
New Rotar Arm
New Distributor Cap
New Front Brake Lines
Brake Fluid Change - Castrol Synthetic Dot 4

09/02 84k

Hill Power Uprated Lower Engine Mount Fitted

10/02 86k

New Spark Plugs - Bosch Super 4
  Skoda Fabia vRS

hmmm, mines mostly in perfect condition, i know i wont get back my mods, i dont mind, but do you think it could be worth £2k ?