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How much is my clio worth......

  Focus RS, 182 gone
Or will be worth, im looking to sell early next year

182, 54 plate 05
will have around 24000 miles
lowered on apex
artic blue


ClioSport Club Member
  Megane RS280
Condition is al important.

Should easily get 8K + for it as seen mk1's £6000-6500(y reg) mk2's £7500 03-53.

Yours would be better buy, value wise.
  liquidized RacingBlue 182
i wooodnt wanna sell for less than £9.4k but yeh give or take couple hundred!, i was gonna sell ma car but i had so much fun driving this weekend, gonna keep ma 182, and lightly mod it,,,, dont wanna go over the top :p goood luck with the sale if u do go for it....