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how much work to get 17s on a 1,4 rt with a 35mm drop

Arh right as I know the guys at torsion tunning who do them to so thought I may have seen it. Whats it like with the conversion. Have you done any engine mods??

Hey mancboy, how much does your mate charge to do the conversion?

17s will be a pain in the arse to fit. It is possible but to achieve full lock and no scrubbing you will need serious body mods as Rob said

Arches shouldnt be a problem to get rolled, could even fit 16 valve front arches? Not sure if they fit but deffo worth finding out, also with big 17s youll be changing the bearings more often so worth looking at BBperformance for uprated bearings.

wouldnt have thought that the rear should provide much of a problem cos theres feck all under the arch, have seen an RT in Derby with 17s and that was a well tidy job.


I would have thought that the rear arches are what would cause the most problems as theyre not flaired like on the 16v/willy

Was that car you saw in derby white by any chance?

so is it a case of grinding the arches back to get em on he has only done mine so not sure if their is a set price yet but i will ask him

16s on a non wide arch (not 16v/Willy) Clio will cause enough problems!! Go for a good, but big looking, smaller wheel and enjoy a fine handling car!!

To the original question, roll the back arches, and 16v front wings and you will bw sorted, the front wings are quiie cheap I think now Rob on the posts above has got them on his RT.

17s will go straight on a 16 valve with lowering, might rub a bit with people in the back.

17s will go straight on an RT but will rub at first, but it will form groves. if your gonna lower it then the rear arch needs to be gutted, took elite 7 hours to do mine! the front aint bad at all apart from turning and going over a bump, that doesnt hit your arch it hits the WING!