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how much would i get for my willy wheels

roughly,just out of curiosity,they have been refurbished 1 month ago so no marks on them whatsoever and they have 1 month old falken tyres on them?

Would be a shame to see another Williams split from its original rims and modified :(. Youll probably be better off in the long run keeping the original rims in storage until you come to sell it. Theres a post somewhere on the forum saying that new Willy wheels from Renault cost £900 or so. Youll not get as much for the car when you sell it if it is not on the original alloys.

  Clio 197

Keep the rims with the car. There may be a time where the Willy becomes a bit of a classic and it would be worth more intact.

Save up for a bit, get the gold superleggera, store the Willy wheels and have mint wheels when you come to sell.....!

If they are mint £400 quid, i have a set of three at the mo, not great condition, 2 centre caps for £150 but i have not put them on the for sale forum yet until i get one more.

lol,is that right enough about the ozs only being in subaru fitment?? surely not, if thats the case then that will be that idea hit on the head :cry: