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How To Look After A Brand New 172

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

whats the best way to look after a new 172 with delivery miles? how should it be driven if i intend to look after it?

Gaz 2130

I believe its recommended to keep the engine under 3500 revs for the first 1000Kms (not sure what it is in miles) at least. Check the manual, it will have the Renault recommended limit and duration.

Basically just drive it carefullly for a while to let the engine wear in before you thrash it. You should also vary the speeds and revs you drive at (ie dont cruise on the freeway - change your speed every couple of minutes). Its for this reason that some manufacturers only enable the cruise control funtion at the first service, after the cars broken in.

It is very hard to drive these clios gently, they just want to take off! But 1000Ks comes soon enough, and then you can floor it. Youre going to own the car for a long while, and youll have plenty of oppertunities to rag it later, so treat it well to start with and itll serve you well later on.


Hey SydneyClioSport,

Whereabouts in sydney are u?? i was driving in Rosehill the other night and saw a blue Mk II........

I have a Flame Red ALD 60* Mk II... honk and wave if u see me!
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

its going to be a Silver one, and i am picking it up next saturday (19th), cant wait. But i am jumping from a 1149cc to a 1998cc so ill need some time to adjust anyway, ive also been told i need to drive it careful in the wet, is that right?

Gaz 2130

normally I would recmmend thrashing it when fully warmed up, but, if you are taking such a leap in peformance, then you would be better following the guidelines in the owners handbook for running in and getting used to the car over a period of time.

As for the wet.. ALL cars need considerate driving in the wet;)


Im mostly around the north shore, and you might see my old man around the city. Its Monaco Blue with Euro plates. Ive been looking for a sport to flash and wave, but havnt seen one yet! Not too many around our way. Seen a couple parked though.