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hows this............


  Shiny red R32

Who owns that one Joe? Looks good but I would prefer it in black or blue!

its called Virtual Tuning in our (polish) car-crazed community... and became very very popular recently ;) - check this out (heh..) - some really nice done cars (unfortunately no clios yet - ,maybe youll change it capt
  7.6cc :D

You would put some sort of spoiler on it wouldnt you Joe, would look a bit strange with nothing at all :-/

and i agree with Sylvia, that would look stunning in BLACK!!!
  Clio 197

Id take it if it the only colour it came in was pink! Even if I had to sign a document that I would never change the colour! That is some piece of kit.

Did you know that the reason it is 1600 is that the F2000 cars of a few years ago were faster than the WRC cars on the tarmac stages and it looked bad to have a "second division" car winning rallies overall!

Id love to have a go with that thing around the ring.

Just for giggles you can have a look at this degenerate at:

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Ive got some pics of a MK1 with a chopped roof! Ill try to get the pics scanned into my pc but I think my scanner is shagged. Might have a go with the DC!