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humming noice

  clio 182 sport
anyone got a idea to what this problem could be on my clio 182 55 plate
as im driving i can hear a sort of humming noise but i have checked for play from the wheels for bearings feel no play at all. also i noticed when i was stationary on the drive if i turn steering on left lock when i first start to turn i hear a clicking sound (slight knock) but do not get this on right lock. any ideas where to start ppl.
  FF 182
When u check the bearings, which ones did you do? one of my rear bearings is on its way out but there was no play in it, so we span it up and you could here the metal on metal noise. check for that
  clio 182 sport
ok will do cheers mate ill check them all the only other concern is i have when stationary on drive if i turn left i hear a knock turn right no knock this only happens though when i first start to steer left as if its taking up some play on the left lock. if you understand what im trying to say
  172 Cup
CV Joint?

Mine had a creak and groaned a little, turned out the CV boot clip had popped off. Repacked and new clip and it seems better.