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I don’t want my group N

  CTR EK9 turbo

I dont want my group N ecu anymore :(

Ive taken it out today and replaced it with the original one.

This is the code on the Group N ecu S110130258 A

and this is the code on a standard ecu S110130240 B

The difference it made to my car was good - in that the throttle response was much better, i.e. it responded quicker when you floor it. It also had much better mid range punch.

The rev limit also was increased to around 7800 (on the guage) rpm and the car generally felt quicker.

At a cost! - and this is why i have removed it - the petrol consumption was worse than standard (maybe i was driving it harder) and Im going to be doing lots of commuting next year so need a car -relatively - economical to get me there and back, remember i am only a student, so cant afford the extra prices of gas it seems to use, and also the way i drive etc.

External appearance of the ecu is the same as the original, just has different numbers in the codes, as above.

So im selling it: i bought it for £350, so its for sale at £300 hope someone is interested!!

Let me know and ill give ya my email address. Ta very much! Si.

p.s. when i had the ecu I was able to keep up with and then pull away from an Escort Cosworth. (without those extra revs i wouldnt have been able to...)

escort cossie!!!!

u sure it want a replica? or were gonna get bashed by the saxo forum for that!
  CTR EK9 turbo

Yep, it certainly was a real one (N-reg), i could hear the dump valve - and i know no XR3i that can keep up with me! ;)

All over his rear end flat out, keeping up pretty even. He moved over, slowed a little, then he tagged behind me, we both went for it again, a car moved in front of me, we slowed down, the car moved back out of the way, i slotted into 3rd at about 80, flat out once again (all the way to 7million rpm) quickly shifted to 4th and just held it for EVER, i gained a bit of ground when i was flat out in third and my fourth gear shift was good (but crunchy! - probably why i needed a new gearbox).

I was shocked at how slow it was and the fact that it was marginally modded ("zorst" and dump valve and multispoke imolas or superturismos)

The ECU is fairly easy to fit. You have to remove the air box etc and shift the battery forward a little. The cover needs some persuasion to take off, and it just comes out as one unit with the metal frame around it that you can remove with a 10 mm long reach socket. The bugger is putting it back! the airbox is the worst part! but all in all, its pretty easy. Took us about an hour and a half this morning (we thought wed lost the 10 mm socket that we were searching for for ages, but to only find it was attached to the tool!). It would take much less time now tho...

Simon can you please email me your email address to"> as I would like to ask you a few things about the chip.



Simon dood...

Me thoughts it was £275 ??? :confused:


"same with me. Im sure it cant be psychological, i keep telling myself that As for the cost of the ecu, its £275 and the guy said it should make the car more responsive and give it some more top end. Probably just make my car less economical. Ill see how it goes on monday, hopefully it wont blow my car up! "

End quoteth

Surely ?? its now used.... lol

  CTR EK9 turbo

"same with me. Im sure it cant be psychological, i keep telling myself that http://www.cliosport As for the cost of the ecu, its £275 and the guy said it should make the car more responsive and give it some more top end. Probably just make my car less economical. Ill see how it goes on monday, hopefully it wont blow my car up! "

Yeah, he told me before i bought it, it was £275 and + vat and fiting came to £350..... i have the receipt if you wana see?
  CTR EK9 turbo

Sure! Il fit it for £300! surely itd be cheaper to fit it yourself tho. ;)

Its just im a student and need the money, badly! I just want to get as much back as i can. Its expensive enough having to insure the clio let alone modding it! my savings are quickly running out.....

Simon172, Im still very tempted by this, but I would need to know exactly what the guy did when he fitted it.

Also, did you lose any functionality from the car? ie. immobiliser etc?
  CTR EK9 turbo

Roamer - the only thing the guy did when he fitted it was to un plug the old one and insert the new one where the old one was. Its quite a simple job - the only fiddly bit was removing and refitting the airbox! (to get to the ecu case bolts at the side).

Im not sure about the immobiliser tho. Captain Slarty said that it probably wouldnt work, and a way to test would be to see if the key worked without the battery in the key fob - i didnt try this out, so i cant tell you whether it worked or not. I didnt try to steal my car :) and thankfully, no one else tried either! The alarm still worked fine tho.
  172 & LCR

Sold to me for £300 if you sort out postage and packing in with the cost and Ill transfer the money via online banking unless we can arrange meeting up somewhere Im in Newcastle upon Tyne where are you ring me on 07929745660 if its still for sale.

Cheers Trev.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Hi trev - glad to do business. Sorry, ive been at work all day and been busy nstuff. I will text you a bit later to arrange payment etc. The ECU is round at my mates house at the mo, so ill have to go around there and pick it up, that i should be able to do this weekend.

Can i give you a ring saturday after ive finished work?

my email is">

Roamer - i will text my contact and ask if he is able to get another one. I might need to get some details about your car first, engine number or chassis number or something, i cant remember what he needs. Ill ask him. I think it should be about the same price. The thing is, he got his contact to bring it back from France with him after a racing season or something.

Simon, What is the email address of the french guy that you spoke to at Renault Motorsport please ? Ill get in touch with them directly and see if they can supply them.