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i dont understand offsets etc...

  mk5 VDUB polo
could someone help me out with the info for what wheels can go on a clio? if that makes sense

like offsets and everything because i dont really understand

  Lionel Richie
ok offset is measured from the centre line of the wheel (imagine cutting a wheel in half)

now the offset is the distance from the centreline to the hub face of the wheel measured in mm

so a wheel with an ET of 10 means the hub mounts 10mm from the centreline of the wheel which means the wheel sticks out

a wheel with offset of say ET60 mean the hub face is 60mm from the centre line, so the wheel is further in

have a look at a V6 clio next time you see one, they have the strangest offsets!! ET 6 up front and ET 68 rear!!!

or your clio you need wheels with an offset of between ET37-ET42 and PCD of 4x100 (which means 4 stud with 100mm spacing)