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I miss my car !

I am away in Bournemouth until Xmas with me going back to Swansea on the weekends but I have not been allowed to bring my car down with me as I have to get a hire car but I find myself really missing it now ! Not being able to go for a blast when you want is hell ! The good thing is tho that I have been told that I can bring my car down the next 2 weeks and claim around 40p a mile for petrol !

Anybody else away from their loved one ?
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I normally work up to three weeks out of 4 abroad but have since I got my car Ive only had 1 week away so far... and Im on holiday from now until New Year so I can do some SERIOUS bonding with it!

Qatar for 3 weeks in Jan though... gonna be painful, still keeps the mileage down!


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Yes, I am well missing my car.

I am in my work just now, came in at 9.00am and parked it outside, its now 10:05 and I am missing it like hell.... do you think i need to seek professional help ? ;)
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You could always set up a webcam at home and serve it on one of those camera sights then you can keep an eye on it wherever you go...?!

My mate did that when he got his new puppy (and I mean puppy, not clio!) so he could see if it was ripping up his lounge!!!

LOL ! Wouldnt be a bad idea but it is wrapped up warm in the garage at the moment ! Not much to watch from a webcam ! LOL !

I go home in about 2 hours so 3 hours after that I will be home again and I have it for the weekend so it is not all bad.


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damn you !! i got to wait another *counts on his fingers*

erm.. hold on...

7 hours !!