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I need some suggestions if that's ok please?

  RB 182 Cup
Clio 182 fitted with Ultra Performance System

Supersports version without centre silencer

All Clio 172 & 182 models

Genuine Renault Ignition Coil Pack

182/Cup/Trophy (8.5mm red)

All 172/Cup and 182/Cup/Trophy

Shell Helix Motorsport 20W-60 Race Engine Oil x 3

Genuine Renault Oil Filter - All petrol models

£1,416.79 is the order total.

I want to start tuning my RB Clio 182 Cup. I thought starting with the response of the engine with the spark, air intake into the engine and it's escape at the end with a more breathable exhaust. I know f*** all about cars to be honest and I was wondering have i missed anything here? This is the first stage I want to start on and progress from here! I was going to service the car along with the mods. Any help please? Thanks.


  Integra Type R DC2
I don't think these cars respond in the same way as many others to basic breathing mods.
That is a hefty total and my good advice to you would be this:
- Give it a basic service (use ONLY the recommended NGK PFR?????? plugs) - couple of hundred pounds if that.
- Leave the exhaust and cat if you don't NEED to change the exhaust. The car will be much nicer to drive and you won't annoy everyone in a half-mile radius.
- Get an RS Tuner and install the RON98 map - about £200 all in. Pretty much the best mod you can do for a daily runner.
- Re breathing, at most (if you must) either an ITG panel in the standard airbox or K-TEC have apparently released an effective Induction Kit for £130 (I'm yet to be convinced though).

That's a third of your total and you will have a much nicer car to drive. Save the rest, you may well need it in time.
  Silver Clio 172 Phase 1
Personally i'd sack the maxogen and get a v6 airbox or the new ktr induction kit they were developing.
Also i wouldnt bother with the sports cat the 182 cat is good anyway 200 cell i think?
Also why are you getting a new coil pack any probs with your current one? And i wouldnt bother with the new 8.5mm leads, if you wanted to upgrade your leads just get some 8mm ones as there a fair bit cheaper i think (although i dont think theres any real benefit over oem ones?)
Also not sure about the spark plugs but you can probably get NGK ones off ebay cheaper than KTR ones
  RB 182 Cup
I know it's allot of money and OTT but I am craving to mod my car. It's like your bored of your girlfriends tits and you do the slight hint to get a boob job. That's what I'm like with my clio! Just want it to sound nice and like a monster! A little faster than what it is now would make me happy. Plus their is a 106 GTi with a throttle body near me and he kicks my ass :mad: lol... I don't rag my car but do a cheeky race every now and then, cheese..


  Integra Type R DC2
None of your suggested changes will make any difference to your duel with the 106, not one little bit.
These cars are not easy to tune for power/performance. The Maxogen will make no difference but noise.
If you want a noticeable difference, save all that money and go for cams and a live map which might get you 15-20 bhp and a better power/torque curve.
What you have suggested is for all intents and purposes cosmetic.
Speak to Fred at BTM Performance, he was doing a deal on cams within your budget (I think).
  RB 182 Cup
Hello my Northern friend! I'd like to say thanks for the advice etc! I was just looking on k-tech and now I am going to see what this BTM Performance is all about. The big upgrades look like the best option. All I want with the clio is too look in really good condition. Lowered on Turinis and to be allot more faster than the standard model!
  172 cup
If your thinking of spending that sort of money go see Fred and get some GT cams fitted for more power then you will get on any mod for that money. Before you get it mapped though get a second hand stainless around £250 and matched inlets, dont bother with sports cat there pretty good from the factory


ClioSport Club Member
  E92 M3,172 track car
A good service, a panel filter and RSTuner and lose some weight if you're really desperate to speed things up a little.
  172 Ph1/Scooby MY00
I suspect you will go down the same road many on here have been down before and you won't listen to advice :slap:.
+1 to what everyone else has said.
If you take all of the carpet, rear seats, trim etc from your car it will make more of a difference than the £1300 you wanted to spend.
Service it and drive it. If you are dying to go faster strip it out and cam it. It'll still be a clio though.
Or buy a cammed 106. I saw a nice looking on go on ebay for £1100 not so long ago. One sold on here too that was listed for £1550 - not sure what it sold for. Not that I'd recommend buying a 106 lol
Oil is the wrong stuff you want 5w-40, oilman from opieoils recommends some good stuff here:-

Spark plugs as said you want the proper NGK-R PFR6E-10 plugs.

Air filter I would go for a Pipercross panel filter as it has been proved to be the least restrictive, forget the Maxogen waste of money IMO.

Do you need a coil pack if yours is fine I wouldn't bother same with the leads tbh.

As for the exhaust everyone likes a nice exhaust note and the standard ones dont look the best. Have a good search loads of different opinions on here for them.

As stated if you want performance increases I would do a cam package with a remap from a dealer on here.