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i think this might be loud lol!!!


"SPL Dynamics have developed these units for dB Drag competition use, they are some of the most powerful Class D units available, capable of in excess of 4000W RMS at 2 ohm and up to 6000W RMS at 16.5 volts!!"


that audiobahn sub is actually pretty loud & sounds good...

theres a golf r32 going around with one of them in, i sat in it and you get a nice breeze of fresh air with it to!
  clio si dti

ive had the 12" version and the 15" version of that woofer and boy did it hit some low notes awesome woofers just a bit hungry for power

its bound o be sh*t, its audiobahn, not once have a seen a piece of their equipment i can honestly say was above average