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Ice Installs


Get my car back from the bodyshop in 3 weeks, i now have all my ice and the weekend i get it back it will be going in.

Id like to see some installs that you guys have, i have 4 12" subs to get in and 2 amps. Im going to hide 1 on the amps. I also have a set of 6x9s but i want them in the front rather than the boot (but not through the parcel shelf)

If any one as a similar set up id like to see it.


you could use the 6x9s as rear speakers. Youd have to modify the rear quarters to do it but if youre going to use 6x9s then i suppose it doesnt really matter where you use them. personally id mount them in the bin.

Forgot to mention mines a mk2.

Stuck with the 6x9s now mate already got em, im more worried about been able to get 4 subs in. i need to have 2 normal way round and 2 arse up.

sell the 6x9s before thinking of a good sound system. get components in the front doors and some mid range in rear quarters if not other components and get em amped up.

In the boot have 2 subs inverted in the middle and 1 on each side normal way round. personaly id have an amp per sub. if you get the box made properly and tight it should sound good, with the two inverted subs facing the seats youll feel loadsa bass inside the car and with the normal ones it will be loud for external use lol. and with the components it will be loads better without the 6x9s ull have no distortions if you have crossovers as well.

What make subs and amps you got? and what subs and amps are they?

Got shut of 2 of the subs and a amp now so im left with 2 Audiobahn subs and a Vodoo amp! Sticking the set of 6x9s between bucket seats. and ive got till April 10th to design and install the subs and amp ready for Donny!