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Ice on Intercooler

Captain maybe you can answer me this.
I have heard on the grape vine that when I plan to take my car to the strip it is advisable to put a bag of ice on the Intercooler between runs to get the best results??? Is this a load of b****cks or could there be some truth in it?
  Nissan R35 GT-R

This will not really help you as an air to air intercooler will warm up after about 30 seconds of boost anyway.

Many people think that an air to air intercooler works by ambient air passing through and cooling the compressed air. This is almost correct, but the ambient air is actually cooling the metal fins in the intercooler, which in turn cools the air charge.

This is ok for road conditions where you are not likely to be using boost for longer than about 30 seconds at a time, because once you come off boost the ambient air will cool down the intercooler ready for next time, but on a track the intercooler will gradually get hotter because the constant boost will overpower the ambient air passing through.

A simple answer if it becomes a problem is a water spray on the intercooler (and the water can contain ice for further cooling), or water injection (which sprays water into the charge after it has passed through the intercooler).

Try it on the track and see how it is. You may find that the intercooler is more than up to the job anyway.

Hope this if of some help to you.


as said, no, its pointless.

Just make sure the air path to the IC is as clear as possible to allow a good, sustained airflow over the core.

should be fine..