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ICE recomendations and help please .

Im after some advice ICE isnt my thing.

My mates into his rap music and wants me to help me built it.

However Ive no real idea whats the best I dont think a load of huge speakers in the boot is the best personally.

He wants a setup with a load of bass I think a setup which makes a load of bass but not distort volume.

He also want a new head unit with the ability to use his Ipod on and it to have that new digital radio on (whatever its called).

I think the budget is about £400.
He also wants to keep the normal remote and display unit.

As far as I can tell he needs a new head unit with the relevent Ipod/radiobits with a preout?

Also he needs an amp (4 channel), 4, 13cm speakers and maybe a bass box rowhever there called in the boot.

I think hes also looking at possibly sticking his Xbox in the car with a screen in the dash (I know Ive let myslef in for a load of work) so what sort of thing if he was to stick that in do I need Id think running a second battery as the standard one wont cope.

Any advice welcome.
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To be honest the £400 is already spend with out sub,amp and speakers and not forgetting fitting. (xbox u having a laugh) IMO.

no point in second battery IMO

More £££££££. to be honest.
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with a £400 budget he has no chance at all of achieving all that, you will have spent that in one go on a headunit with DAB, forget the iPod and DAB idea and you might have a chance of coming somewhere close, but it will still fall short of what he wants id imagine

he will need £1k MINIMUM to get all that, and that still probably wouldnt buy what he wants to achieve

ive got and as yet unfitted, thats £550 just for the amp and sub, thats without a box, wiring etc, and no headunit