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Idea for Track Days

I am sure someone has mentioned this before but it would be great if you could get your name and national flag printed up to display on your side window just like they do in the World Rally Championships. You could get it printed on that plastic material which sticks to the window but can then be peeled off and reapplied at a later date when needed, this would look very good.

Yip, I think it is just you ! Full of something else maybe !

I dont think I can think of anything else good that I have ever posted !
  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4

im sure you suggested the big logo on the back of the T-Shirts, that was a top idea matey.
  Clio 197

Good idea. I saw a British Scooby with the guys name and Georges Cross on back side windows at the ring and asked him about it. He said he had been to a Scooby track day in the UK and he and his mates really impressed everybody with the idea. He just left his on. Didnt look too stupid...

Oh aye ! Forgot about that, LOL ! Is that going to go ahead then ? Or has it gone ahead ? You know what I mean !

I do admit that I think it would look excellent, and you also have the option to take it off if you do not want to keep it on, I cant remember what the name of the material is but it sticks to window and comes off without leaving any residue and is reusable.

I am not actually going to Bedford, lack of funds, but it would look ace seeing the cars on the track with national flag and names. I would wear the Red Dragon with pride !