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Ideas on sound insulation

I am looking for somewhere that sells good quality sound insulation at resonable pricews, does anyone know of anywhere???

Please let me know!
  172 M69 eater

brown bread!!!

and i mean brown bread the insulation... availiable from diy places i believe...

Have you kitted out the car with ICE yet mate, personally i woudnt bother with all that sound proofing.......the newer clios are pretty good acoustically anyways. Put the ICE in, listen to how it sounds for a week or two at different volumes with different types of music, if you feel it needs some extra sound proofing then go and get some but dont buy it unless you really have to.

My ICE consists of: Alpine 9812RB MP3/CD, MB quart front comps with separate crossovers, MB quart 6x9s in "Auto acoustics" steath shelf, MB quart 10" sub in sealed MB quart box all being ran by a Genesis profile 5 amp.

Ive no sound proofing what so ever and it sounds really really good.

Ivegot a JVC head unit in, and a 10" vibe in the boot, but there is quite alot of vibration, and im also looking at upgrading the sub, to 2 JL 10W7s!
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marley insulation tape. comes in a roll from homebase for about a tenner.

sadly, it does actually work.

Djw John

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Dont listen to 16vClio, He likes 6x9s! Ive done my car in at least 3 layers of marley tape, more in the boot, and it made a huge difference, inside and out, well worth the time.
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1 layer of dynamat extreme is about as good as 4 layers of flashing tape

also with the extreme it will weigh alot less

also there is a big difference betwwen sound insulation and sound deadening(sp)
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