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Idiots who can’t park!!!!!!!!!!


My clio 16v has just had its bloody rear panel dented and buggered by some unknown dickhead with sh*t for brains:mad:. In my college carpark, so 2moro im goin round the carpark looking a car with damage to it and Im gonna stick the owners head in a bloody vice. BEWARE DO NOT PARK IN CLOSE SPACES TO OTHER DRIVERS. YOU MAY DRIVE WELL, BUT EVERYONE ELSE IS CRAP AT JUDGING DISTANCES!!!!!!!!! Seriously though if I do find the colprit, the only they are gonna get away with it, is by being a top-heavy 18yr old female.

Which is why i always take up two spaces when possible! Unlucky mate, it happens and i can bet you the dickhead was female!

you got the right idea... look over the car park for the one that has your paint stuck to it with a scratches!! lets us know how many bones you break! :mad:

I was sitting in my car once.. and the car shook quite violently. I jumped out and this guy was there, with his door open. I said "What was that?!" and he said "its ok, it only hit the plastic"...

Good job I aint colour coded em yet.

Some people dont think when they open doors..


In future its two spaces. It hasnt come at a good time as I need me brake pads well no rest for the wicked! ps Ive calmed down abit now,but Im still gona beat on whoever did it.