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Idling high and delay when accelerating


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio Mk2 Ph2
I started to notice the other day that when i tried to pick up speed their would be a 2-3 second gap were the car feels like its out of petrol then it will pick up normal but that only happens when appling throttle. when this happens and i stop to inspect it idles about 2.5/3k revs. Normall it is about 0.5/0.7k. If i then turn engine off and try to restart the engine, it turs over but will not start. i tried again but giving it some throtle an it starts an will be normall for another couple of miles and then it starts again. usally it starts without me having to give it any throtle.
persoannly think it could be the carb or throttle bodies so planning on giving them a clean tomoz to see if any sh*t is in their. Any other ideas peaople?