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idling pulley replaced on mk1 172

After what i thought was a buggerd alternator, i had to have the idling pulley replaced on my 172. For a couple of weeks my car was becoming rather noisey and sounding pretty lumpey, it was a sort of whining noise coming from the engine bay, got louder as the revs went up. After booking it in to renault they phoned me back the following day to tell me that this part would not be covered by my renault essential extended warranty (£200) she did tell me that renault were however prepared to pay 30% of the bill ????. My total came to £150 inc vat. I got the car back 4 days later and i must say that all i can hear now is the noise coming from the powerflow, there almost no sound from the engine.

What i dont understand is why renault would give me discount. She said renault like to "HELP" there customers out by lowering there bills and keeping them happy. Im sure she had a mouthfull of sh*t as when the hell do renault give somthing away for free ? has anyone else had this offerd to them by renault.

i had the same problem i think. during cold starts the belt squeaks like a tortured mouse? think the pulley and the belt were both replaced under warranty, and this is after it was booked in two days in succession. the first day they only adjusted the tension. it came back the next day and i was back there again.


i expect it might be an imaginary discount to keep everyone happy, althought i did have a repair done on a motor bike of mine during the warranty period but the item wasnt covered and the manufacturer took 50% of the cost (supposedly, i was younger and more nieave then)
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Renault operate a CONTRIBUTION scheme on items that have failed prematurely. These items have a life span and depending on age and mileage of the vehicle, Renault UK will contribute up to 100% if these items have failed before their "shelf life"

The contributions will only be considered on vehicles that have a full Renault service history but they normally allow 1 missed or late service.

So, Renault do try and keep the customer happy by paying a bit towards your repair bill!