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If anyone works for renault do you know..

if when someone brings in a car to have a problem diagnosed/fixed which requires the car to be driven, the garage should ask you permission before they drive it or at least tell you that they need to drive it?



A mate of mine once took his car for a service and a few days later he got a speeding ticket through the post.. turns our the garage had took his car for a little spin and they got flashed my a camera.

I dont think so, I think that they would expect that you would realise that it would be driven to diagnose the problem. Although I suppose it depends what the problem is - is BobRTE around to give his view ?

Is there more to your question ? Whats happened ?

Not a lot, it was just that my clio was in recently to have a rattle fixed. It went in twice and had about 30 miles put on it, (one time leaving the fuel warning light on, but it was very low on petrol when I took it in ), and no one said anything to me about driving it. Just wondered whether they should have mentioned something to me at least as a courtesy thats all. I realise they have to drive it to find the problem as most of the problems only occur when moving, so thats fine, just not keen on some mechanic ragging the car round!
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Hi Paul G

If you have to take your car to a Renault dealer to have some sort of diagnosis performed, it is not alway necessary to road test it, but in the main, yes, we will have to perform a road test at some stage. Even after a service the technician may road test the car and it may be road tested again by the RTE/foreman/senior technicain to make sure the car is performing as it should. (Quality control check)

I agree that you should be told that the car may require a road test but with respect, you should really expect your car to be driven by someone from the dealership at some time, whatever the repair/service.

As for some hairy ar*ed technician ragging your car - not at our dealership - we keep our bums shaved! LOL We do not thrash customers cars!

Hope that helps.

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wish they were all like u bob! Mines going in next week and each time it does my hearts in my mouth....if u know what i mean?!
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I do understand where you are coming from.

Its your pride and joy let into the hands of unknown persons.

I cant speak for other Dealers, but we dont condone the thrashng of customers cars. Technicians found ragging cars are disciplined - no question - so they dont! Have you seen me in a bad mood? Not a pretty sight!