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Im back! After almost 3 years away!

  Abarth Grande Punto
Thats right guys I used to have a Clio about 3 years ago and since then have had a mixed bag of cars. To the point, I am in the process of buying a 182! I think they are fantastic little cars. My ex girl who just happens to be a member on here has one, I didnt drive it much but i must say when i did It brought a massive smile to my face, so fast and so so much fun to drive! And i must say the 197 doesnt even come close to the 182!

This is soon to be my baby!

Its on an 05 plate with the cup and spoiler packs in Perfect condition with 7,500 miles for £9,900 which i personally thought was a good price!

I will keep you guys updated as to when i get it.

Its good to be back!
  Abarth Grande Punto
Just a quicky aswell how much does it cost for a full tank in a 182. And whats you average miles to a tank. I am currently getting about 300 miles to a £45 tank in my Hyundai Coupe at the mo. Im hoping the Clio will be more economical!


ClioSport Club Member
mine is a 1.2 16v but got the same 50 litre fuel tank as a 182, and it costs about £40-£45 to fill depending on petrol prices.

i get about 300 miles to a tank sometimes more sometimes less
  Abarth Grande Punto
sorry for all the posts but im posting q's as i think of them,

Whats the service intervals on the 182 ?

And approx how much is the 1st and 2nd service?
  Renault Laguna Coupe
Welcome back mate, remember you from the (good) old days :approve: 12k service intervals, about £200. 3rd one is a biggy with accessory belt etc.

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
Hi miltage - what type of daily drive do you do? I do around 35 miles round trip a day (to & from work) and most of that's on motorway. It currently sits on 35.2mpg and that doesn't budge much. Usually a full tank will last me a week.

Good to see a veteran of CS return!

  Abarth Grande Punto
well its all now official, deposit paid! Should get it in approx 10 days time!

Im so excited, I cant wait ! :D

Hiya Deb! :eek:
Did you have/do you have a red hyundai coupe?

As i saw a dude in one in upminster the other week - with the reg P 5TU * - which used to be on the naples red 5 door clio !;)

Just wondered if that was you ?? (soory if i got the wrong dude)
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  LY V6 with Recaros
cat171 said:
Did you have/do you have a red hyundai coupe?

As i saw a dude in one in upminster the other week - with the reg P 5TU * - which used to be on the naples red 5 door clio !;)

Just wondered if that was you ?? (soory if i got the wrong dude)

Yeah that was him :) Jeez he doesn't even have a Clio yet and he's got spotted more than me! :(

Glad to hear you've got your stickers ready! :D
I used to see the car around all the time when he had it & I had my valver.
That car used to have a really loud system in it.

Another dude who used to come on here had a blue L reg valver which I used to see about as well, sometimes together.
  Abarth Grande Punto
Yeah that was me! That was my first little car! :eek:


Just dug out this piccy!

Deb now tells me that the car has been breaking for spares ! :dead:

I do remember those good old days !

I think im just trying to relive my youth ! (Minus the crashes of course !)

Cat, the bloke in the valver was Dave from Romford and his number plate ended in U GO. I know exactly who you mean ! Ive sold the coupe to make was for the 182. Deb could tell you all about the Sound system in the old Clio ! :rolleyes:

Well i must say guys its nice to be remembered after all this time!

Its good to be back and i dont even have the Car yet!
Ahh, I thought it was you in the red hyundai coupe, I saw you by the grave yard in Upminster the other week (I clocked the reg plate on it)
- I was in the blue fiat coupe, but you woudn't have know who I was.

Yeah thats the bloke - I remember the end of his reg now you've said it.
I sold my valver last July for the 20vt - I may soon be coming back to a clio though, possibly in a v6:)
  Abarth Grande Punto
Zonda said:
I saw this 182 advertised in Southend, its a mint example and great price! :D well done dude!

Yeah that the one mate from Safwat Cars behind Southend Victoria Station