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Im just about to ...........

  Fiesta RS Turbo & Pug 206
buy a K+N panel filter off Ebay for £35, or shall i just buy stock for £15 ?

i know the k+N have a life time / 1,000,000 mile warranty , but is it worth it ?

any noticable differences ?
throttle response is a bit better,

well worth it over a standard filter unless you're absolutely skint
  Clio 172 LHD
I went for a KTEC one when they did my exhaust.

Can't say enough good things about the folk in Dorset :)

They spotted that I had my number plate light out (rear) and fixed it for me there and then. Took a unit out of one of their cars seeing as I had driven 140 miles to get there.

Nuff said :)