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Im new, got a Q bout the billabong

Hey everyone ive just registered, im not a clio owner but i aint her to cause any sh*t. My mates just put a deposit down on a new Billabong he says its 1.4 but i thought these only came in a 1.2???


I think he might have been talkin about the 1.4 dynamique, anyone know the stats for these??

Im a mate of Erics from the ssc anyone know him?
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

No you can get a 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.5 clio Billabong !!

They are basically just Dynamiques with a billabong pack.

The only difference is a few stickers and those dodgy seats. Well i say dodgy i mean the colour !!
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197


They come in all the engine sizes i listed !! I have sold tons of 1.2s a few 1.4s and the odd 1.6 and a couple of diesels, Over the last few weeks.

Trust me on this !!

Would i lie to you ??

Yes they have, and you dont get a lot of things for you money too. Basically the Billy pack is like any of the other packs you can by such as a climate or electric pack.

Figure wise:

1.2 (75) - 13.0

1.4 (98) - 10.5

1.6 (110) - 9.6

65 dci - 15.0

85 dci - 12.2

I think the best one from the range for performace / cost insurance etc etc is the 1.4.

I know all of this not due to me being a sad to**er but my g/f is buying one and we are looking at the moment.

Oh BTW some people are buying the billy pack due to you get the alloy cap on top of the gear stick which you dont get on the dyna!

Hope that helps