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I'm on a boat motherf*cker..on a boat


ClioSport Club Member
Yup, jet boats. Started in New Zealand IIRC.

Basically a Small Block V8 in a canoe.

The really scary bit is, that because they have no rudder, you have to accelerate to turn!
  Suzuki Ignis Sport
Thats incredible!

But what i like more about the vid is the end of it, when youtube show u a list of other videos to watch! ;);););)
can't believe how sharply they 'turn in'. pretty impressive

wouldn't fancy missing one of those turns - sort of imagine them being launched skywards by the banking


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Can safely say I would not have the minerals to passenger in that.
  Lionel Richie
lol, imagine trying to remember the course and then repeating at that speed

they tried to make a computer game of jet boat racing and if i remember correctly they canned it because to make the speeds realistic made the game impossible!