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Immobiliser Issues - Please Help!

I have scanned the internet looking for a definite answer to my problem but cant seem to find one.

I have an intermittent issue with the immobiliser.

Initially the car would not start, i found that this was due to me taping and gluing the key fob back together, therefore blocking the signal. I removed the chip and key and put it into a new housing. The car now starts fine 9/10 times. However there are some occasions where the car does not recognise and therefore does not start (Usually when im off to work!)

I've put a new battery on the car (Something i initially thought was the reason why it was not starting)
Ive put a new battery in the key fob as the central locking was not working which now works flawlessly.

On rare occasions the immobiliser light flashes which i believe means its not recognised, the majority of the times it does not start the light is solid but does not go out. It remains on on the dashboard with 'STOP' next to it.

Any thoughts or suggestions as to why it intermittently produces these problems and any solutions would be a massive help.
Thank You!

Its a Clio MK2 Campus 57 plate.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 197,with megan'
For a lot of electrical faults, it is worthwhile looking at earthing points, as a bad earth somewhere can cause very weird problems. I also had a key problem, solved by sending spare key for repair.


ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Dci 100
Get a new key. I had the same issues and finally got a new key made and solved the issue.