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Immobiliser Problems

After having the immobiliser/keys die on my OZ clio 172 (and still awaiting parts to fix it), just curious if ppl over in europe have had anything similat to them? Im hoping this is just a isolated thing, but from speaking to a dealer here, have been a "few" cases with both clios and senics immobilisers failing. (These are the factory fitted ones)

My blip keeps intermittently working, I have to put the key back in the ignition to get it to work or else its the old keys job !! Anyone got this?? Been like it about 3 months & aint the battery. Both blips do it.

Would be interesting to know where the blib receiver is located in the car to test for wire breakage, etc.

The starter motor would turn on mine but the engine wouldnt fire up. The small red light on the dash was flashing very quickly. Have changed to the spare key fobs - touch wood !

Thats what happens when the immobiliser system has detected the key. motor will turn over but not fire up.. id be getting that other key replaced and/or the immobiliser system checked out before the other key starts up the play up..