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Immobilizer issue. no red light coming on

  Clio 2
Hi guys... I'm new to this forum. Thanks for accepting my registration lol...

But down to business. I have a 2002 clio mk2. I have bought a new battery. Once the battery was connected and the ignition turned on. I have no immobilizer light at all! I dont have a clue where to look or what to try. Could anyone give me an idea?

Thanks again..
Great forum
  Clio 2
Did you resolve your issue? As i now have similar
Hi. Ok i have solved the issue. I got a auto electrician to come check it out. Did a few tests on what is receiving power and what not. Checked all the fuses and relays. And in the end it was a connection problem on the uch itself. Maybe get a auto electrician to check it out for you. Hope this helps.. cheers