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importing i.c.e

  transit connect

i found asite in california where i can get ice for bout 1/3rd cost step bro had ordered 1ks worth getting it this week any1 ever or=dered any ice from us just wanna know if heres any catches before i order

head units the radios wont work, speakers and amps are fine, but you will probably be hit with import tax and duty

yeah headunits most prob wont work well the tuners dab wont work as well they dont have it etc etc import tax may sting too :)
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you wont get a warranty so if anything goes wrong no one in this country will touch it with a bardge pole

all as above, will only work out marginally cheaper when importing, if they add the tax (quite likely)

not to mention, it has to go back to the states when it ges wrong
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my head units imported, cost 2/3 of the uk price. works fine, had to chop the plug off the loom though and solder in the plug that came with it.

also the radio tuning goes up in .2s instead of 0.5s. no big thing, never listen to radio anyway :)

as final maxim says the radio will work you just wont have RDS and any even stations will be unavailable to you. It goes up .2s but only uneven numbers!
If its a decent brand tho an add on dab tuner will work fine.

got my h/u from u.s. and had the option to change to eu country so radio does work, best to check with manufacturer.

But the wiring was different so i also had to cut off the back and re-wire but not a major problem if your making a saving.
  transit connect

import tax isnt a problem as i have a way round it, or way of it being very cheap.not to worried about it going wrong as it will be top notch stuff which i wouldnt expect to go wrong (but i know everything does)example is diamond m3 components bout 285 over here found a site where they r 90 quid delivered......

If your way round it is to stick gift on it, be careful. I ordered a sony MX8800 from US, bout (£350 Halfords, £220 magazines) i paid the bloke £150 when it came the delivery bloke asked me for £90! Apparently customs had opened it and estimated its value in this country! Be careful.
  transit connect

that wasnt my way round it i have a mate who works at heathrow doing import and exports he says he get some1 to pick it up from la and delivered to his warehouse for next to nothing and i wont pay duty :)
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There seems to be a lot of ICE doing teh rounds cheap on ebay. Especially Diamond Audio Hex Speakers (500 notes in shops) at just over 200 quid and Dynamat Xtreme. Probably loads more if you look.

Seems a lot are from the US and many in UK are selling for not much more. US sellers are saying that price includes any VAT and Import duty and feedback statements confirm that so there are ways round it.

Guess a load of these UK sellers are getting from the US sellers to sell on or from same sources.

I would check ebay out and see what stuff is selling for over here. If not much more then why risk from the US. If buying from US would only buy amps or speakers and get HU from here. HU is the thing that is most likely to go wrong and a few pounds saved by importimg could be wiped out come warranty claim time.

And as for amps I would stick to genesis which I cant imagine being cheaper in US.
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let other people do the donkey work and then just buy from uk based person.

probably cost you a little extra but at least you have someone you can go back to if something goes wrong!