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Imports or not

Alright guys, just wnt to know where you got your 172s from. I cant decide to buy from an import company or to get one from an official dealer. Ive heard some horror stories about imported cars being unable to communicate with the british dealership computers etc so if a problem occurs it takes them weeks to sort it etc etc. Id apprecite some feed back from you guys if you have bought a 172 at a discount etc and if youve had any problems.


Hello OJ.

Get an Import mate. Same as a UK spec car minus the alarm and you get to pocket 2K +. Plus you now get 3 years warranty on all EU sourced Renaults.

You cant go wrong.
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Go to your local Renault Dealer and explain your dilemma. Tell them to give you the very best quote they can for a new car. Then have a look around the import garages like motorpoint etc, and see whether the amount you can save makes it worthwhile. Do NOT believe the horror stories about imports being different to UK cars - they lack an alarm as Desmondo said, but otherwise theres no difference, and an alarm is easily fitted. DO remember though that your dealer may be able to offer things that add tangible value to a UK purchase, like cheap or free finance.


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Definitely get yourself an import. Before I got mine I was given a load of tosh from Renault dealers - dont take any notice of them, they are scared because of the huge number of car sales they have lost to intelligent people who buy imported Clios!

They are all built in the same place and none come to the UK with alarms fitted and Renault dealers have theirs fitted by a company at Southampton docks. All come with three year warranties and there is absolutely no problem with getting warranty work done at a dealer. All they need to know is the registration number of your car and that tells them the date it was registered and how much warranty you still have and you just have to sign a form to say that the work has been carried out.

The money you save would pay for a nice holiday or a set of new alloys and money left over. :cool:


  Shiny red R32

Telford mike, you mentioned finance from a dealer. Only last weekend I saw an article in a newspaper which said that car dealers make some of their profit through selling finance. Unless they have an exceptional offer of 0% the article recommended that people should shop around on the internet and save themselves sometimes thousands of pounds. Some examples were shown and Cahoot came out as one of the cheapest.
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Thats true GR - but occasionally you can get 0% and they are certainly not making a profit on that! I got 1.9% which amounts to a good whack off the price over 4 years. Still cheaper to get an import, but the point I was making is that the screen price is not quite the full story.
  7.6cc :D

I have asked him Sylvia, but he doesnt like to talk about his first owner, cause he got wax on his ariel :cry:

Get an import and walk away with around £3,000 to £3,500 pounds ! Why pay more when you can pay less as someone once said ! I paid £11,999 from and they were superb, dont think I would ever buy British ever again after buying import, what is the point ? Especially now as they all come with 3 year warranties.

OJ, I see from your profile you are from Wales, whereabouts ? I am in Swansea.
  7.6cc :D

No Joe, i am his second owner, if that makes him not a virgin! he had 1600 miles on the clock when i got him.

and no Sylvia, ive not waxed him ever, i did clean him once though, it was a upsetting experience for me and i got bored half way through :cry:

dont worry though, he gets washed most weeks, just not by me personally ;)

I agree, get the import and save the 3k. The cars are the same (save the alarm) and there is no problem what-so-ever getting your imported car serviced in the UK. Like Daipac I doubt I will ever buy from a UK main dealer ever again


JillyB - Im shocked, youve never waxed Thomas! (Ooo eerr)

Seeing as he was 16 (hundred miles) old when you got him, he may still be a virign, was he from birmingham though? cos then he probably aint ;)

I got my 172 for £11,250 on the road from motorpoint, thats one hell of a saving on a new one.

Also if u do get any sh*t from your local Renault garage for having an import, just give Renault UK a ring and they are more than willing to help.

Official - Pay a bit more now, have the security of having a dealer to take the heat if anything goes wrong, then pocket 2 grand more when you come to sell it! Except if your a dodgy character and would be willing to sell your car for more than you paid for it! (Looks around!!;))