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In-Car PlayStation

Hey guys,

Good Idea? I have a PlayStation 1 already, loads of games etc.. (Got a PS2 now so dont need to use it at home), should I put it in my car?

Thinking of getting a screen (5.2 " TFT probably), Invertor and all the cables. and putting the Playstation in to give me something to do whilst waiting around waiting for lectures at Uni.

I have a Pioneer 6300R Head unit, with no aux in, but, I think I can get the adapter... if not, I can always use an fm modulator.

Anyway, you guys thing its a good idea? Discuss! [:D]


Oh and Daz definately do it mate! If you were at Brands you may have seen mine going??....Playing a Lindsay Dawn Mac DVD!! ;)

If your going for a ps1 in there you can even get a VCD box for it for about £20 that allows it so play VCDs which can be made on your pc! :D

If youre interested I have a BRAND NEW 5.6" remote control screen and power inverter for PS1 or PS2 and gold plated AV cable

All brand new NEVER USED

looking for £150 the lot or nearest offer

message me