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IN NEED OF ADVICE -------->>

  Abarth Grande Punto

i have just purchased a new cherish plate for my clio and it reads for example


i want the plate spaced to appear like


i am aware that re spacing is illegal but the question i have is

has anyone done this and if you have, do you have problems with the law?? Im going to use standard font.

Will standard motor shops produce these forms, does anyone know anywhere??

any help would be wicked.

cheers people.
  Abarth Grande Punto


well my name is Stu Milton so

A <-- random no 5TU <---- name M <------ 4 surname.


soz didnt need to get ratty.

i thought it was summat like A STUM......dunno why
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did you get it from the place i told you about??

your best bet would be to get two sets made up, one being the legally spaced plates made a cheaply as possible then the others "illegal" plates made up in the good quality stylish stuff then get some high strength velcro (think thats the spelling) and attach to car the good plates but keep the legals in the back of the car and if you ever get pulled just simply 2 seconds to swap them over.

my mums got the illegal plates ment to be T7 NAG but when spaced properly T7NA G aka Tina G.

The legals are kept in the boot and she has been pulled over once about them in the 2 years she had them and it was a 2 second swap and the copper said it was OK. no questions asked.

Hope that help, but i dought all pigs will let you swap it over in front of them