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incorrect vehicle details on insurance quote site

  Iceberg PH1 172
When i enter my reg on CompareTheMarkets online insurance quote form, it comes back telling me my car is

Y***NLB : 2001 Renault Megane Coupe Sport Alize, 1998CC Petrol, 2DR, Manual

Anyone know why this is?

The .gov MOT database site says its a 172. as does the .gov road tax site, so im not concerned about any nefarious ID changes in the cars life.

Im guessing this is just the insurance database that CTM use is incorrect? Or is it a case of some 172s being registered incorrectly similar to how some Saxo VTRs are regged as 1.4 Instead of 1.6?
  Ford Mustang 5.0
There are a couple of different databases when you do reg searches. If you buy insurance online you need to make sure the right model is listed on the certificate.
If you buy the insurance over the phone then the person you speak to should check the make and model that the reg brings up.
Kind Regards
  Iceberg PH1 172
Thanks for the reply Neil.
Thanks for clearing that up.
ill be getting in touch with greenlight at some point soon.


ClioSport Club Member
Do you have a picture of the car to let us decide whether you bought a Megane without realizing the difference?