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Indicating left or right turns cruise control off, very annoying

  Fabia vrs tdi
I posted a threat the other day saying my Fog light on dash lights up when I break, not yet cleaned connectors in rear cluster.
Now when I indicate when cruise control is on it switches it off and its very annoying especially when im over taking, could this be something to do with connectors in rear clusters? Thing is it only went off when I indicated right but half an hour later it started doing it when I indicated left which resulted in me not indicating most of the time
  1.6 Focus, 1.6 122S
I had a similar problem.

Whenever I used to indicate right the fog light dash indication would light up.

Also if I had teh cruise control on, indicating right would cancel it. I however could still indicate left.

Mine was traced back to the rear light cluster. Ended up splicing ina new connector and wires but maybe a clean will fix it for you.
  Fabia vrs tdi
Cant work out how to get my rear light off could check properly online but away from home at moment and on here using my phone and cant download a pdf guide that someone put up on here


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
Taking the rear lights out is easy, don't even need any tools! Just unscrew that plastic thing behind the light in the boot.