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Induction kit. Any point ????

  Clio extreme 1.2
Does anyone own or know of anyone with a 1.2 clio with an induction kit on ?
if so, do you think theres any point of me getting one ? :dapprove:

Are there noticeable changes ? This might sound a dumb question lol

thanks guys :)


ClioSport Club Member

There is a noticeable change. In noise. It sounds f**king awesome and unlike an exhaust you don't have it all the time, only when you stick your foot down.

In terms of power changes, sod all really. MPG as far as I can tell is unaffected.

I have, and recommend, the K&N 57i.


ClioSport Admin

all the advice I can give is, put any money you planned to spend on mods into a bank account until you can afford something faster.

If you must modify, coilovers, good tyres, good brakes and service it.
  Clio extreme 1.2
Thanks for the recommendation mate :)
and well thats what my point is i dont know whether to bother or not :/
  Clio extreme 1.2
Yeah thats true i need to get it thru m.o.t first few little problems then might think of getting one.
Just dont really wanna spend loads on one haha


ClioSport Admin
Keep an eye out for raceland/rokkor/ta teknik (I think they're called now). They're about £120 second hand and are top notch for a non sport. Had them on my old car and sold them for the same price I got them
  106GTI / NovaC20LET
I wouldn't personally bother tbh in less you want some induction roar, the heatsoak will cost you performance although don't suppose it will make much difference on a 1200
  #12 Clio PH1 172
If you want the noise but without the cost just take the air box off and put a pair of tights around the pipe to prevent crap entering. I had a kteck induction on my dynamique many moons ago and it sounded great with a ktec stealth. Which then sounded even better with the stealth back box chopped.

If I were to dip the clutch at 3k it would make pops and bangs aha

Those were fun days