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info needed asap re: gtt conversion

  Clio Gtt

ive got a 5 turbo sat at a friends and we are putting the engine in my car, the engine is totally standard.

what driveshafts do i use?

does anyone have a reno 5 wiring digram, what needs to be changed?

the suspension and braks are going to be upgraded anything else that needs to be changed?


use 16v clio shafts

you need to fire the fuel pump via an intertia switch, did you fit the fuel pressure reg before the engine went in? what are you going to do re gearbox, you dash is cable driven, on the five its not + lots more to worry about! are you sure you know what you are letting yourself in for, you will have to carry out the cup mod to the actuator as the back pressure feed will foul the heater pipes, where are you putting the battery, dont put it next to turbo in the original place, turbos reach serious temps!

im not going to give away all my secrets;), but call me and i will help out as best poss!
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Dont destroy the 5 mate. Just buy the 5 off ur mate.

Better than a MK1 1.2 anyday, dont u think? Unless ur trying to fool ur insurance company that is. ;)

Make sure u make a forum post on the conversion after, itll be awesome to debate over. Any pics of ur car? Which one is it on Cheers.

Quote: Originally posted by juss on 16 February 2003

can you give me more info on the:

intertia switch

fuel pressure reg

cup mod
Fuel pressure regulator, you need one to control the pressure of the fuel to the carb.

Cup mod, piece of pi$$. Just means either using a single port actuator or removing the vacume hosing from the second port on the standard actuator and blanking off all the holes it leaves, including one in the exhaust (put a bolt in there!!!).

You will need to use a fuel pump from a GTT, just use all the electrics from the 5 for this.

Wiring diagrams can be found in the blue haynes manual.

You can also get alot more info on
  Clio Gtt

cheers mate,

mikey i like the clio better than the 5. fives are too common, and besides the 5 has no roof! on car domain my car is the one headed

my insurance is charging me 4% on my 490 fully comp premium.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

can anyone give me any more info about what is needed to be changed, as i want mine doing soon, and ive got a company to do it that are very cheap, and have done one before, but i want to know about the conversion first
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

I take it back, id rather have yours with a GT Turbo engine. ;) :cool:

The red Oasis spec? I really like the look those wheels give it but i sold those ones which came on mine for better pick-up and a softer ride. Not that u should, cause my 16v looks boring at the minute.