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  Mini Cooper S JCW

I am currently looking to buy a 16v Clio, and was wondering is this car injection??

coz it seems rather fast for a norm aspriated engine! :eek:

PS wot colour clio do u think is best?? willy blue? or met. black?:)

all clios, bar a select few MK1 1.2s in france which rana small carb, are injection........

and yes its pretty fast, but the engine is not exactly advanced......just a nice package.
  Williams 2, STi N12

Yeah most are injection either single or multi point.

Go for Black...or youll be dubbed a pretend willy!!! Luckily I dont have that problem! :D
  Mini Cooper S JCW

lol yeah i wanted black but dont see many 16vs in met black about!

iv got just under 4k to spend neway, and should be gettin it next month some time! :D
  Mini Cooper S JCW

haha i wish mate, i need an M reg or newer so i can put my plate on.

so il be having to spend nearly all that on a standard-ish clio :confused:

4k will get you a good one nowadays as the prices have come down a bit lately

just get the best one you can

IMHO monaco blue is the best not the origional willy blue but this is coz my 16v is monaco blue.

anders whats makes you think all us 16v drivers are like "2slow4 U" no need to badge up and no need for the gold wheels, 16v is a real hot hatch in its own right.

black is nice too though

  Mini Cooper S JCW

yeah i cant wait to test a few out.

iv seen a few on autotrader that have leather?? is that worth payin extra for? or are the norm 16v seats nice anyway??

theyre nice anyway mate, so its up to u, just dont be scared to rev its nuts off whist test driving it, it needs to go over 4000 revs to open up its power and will happily rev to just over 7000, so give it a good hammering, then youll want one!