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Injector 'O' Rings

  172 Race Car
Went into the local dealers today to get some injector seals for a mate.

The guy said they were £14 for a kit, sounded a bit steep for some small rubber rings but I said yea ok. Then the guy asks how many I wanted :S

''I thought you said they were a kit?''

''yea, per injector''

''£7 each for a small rubber 'o' ring?!?!?''


''Forget it mate''

That cant be right surely? Can anyone shed any light? When I worked at Ford they were pence!

EDIT: Phase1 172 Btw
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  e92 + E46 M3 + Cup
You can buy a rubber O-ring kit from screw fix for £10-£15, 300 piece set with random sizes, always handy to have ;)

raped. You need someone with a trade account at renualt or something. that's awful. I got bummed by VW on valve cotters/collets things.
You can guarantee it, you'll have a box of a 1000 O-rings and not one will be the same as the Renault ones lol

French know how to be awkward :mad: