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Inside Ralph Lauren's Garage

The guys got some truly stunning machinery.

Link and more pics.
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It is amazing to see garages like this, but its such a shame they don't get driven.
He's a nice guy was at my cousins wedding, but he does need to drive them more, but then again how can you drive them all


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IMO most of them cars have transcended being motorcars and become works of art. Best place for a big collection like that.
Been to a few supercar meets with Chris Evans and he is a nice bloke to be fair! Slightly annoying and ginger on tele, but when you talk to him like a normal person he is like anyone else.

Amazing 'garage' there! Stunning layout, as you'd expect from someone like Ralph Lauren!


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I'd disagree with they should be driven comments.

Okay a couple of them but some are that old you'd probably need to crank start them from the front bumper.

Awesome "Warehouse"