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Install Help


Right finally thought i might do a Install, but one problem is i dont know how to get round the fact that the annoying spare wheel compartment is in the boot.

I want to do an install yet still be able to gain easy access to the comparment. Ive been told that i could take the tools and canisters out and mount them somewhere else, anyone got any pics of what they have done?

you could make a new mdf floor which u cud lift out to get to the spare wheel. A friend of mine has made it so his build lifts up to access the spare wheel well. unfortunately the subs arent in a sealed box which lets down the bass. Just make it so you can take out what you put in. Do you really need the spare wheel well? take out the wheel and build over it. might not be practical but what is when modifying cars?

yeh i could do, its a 172 cup so i dont even have a spare wheel, so yeh i could just take everything out and mount that somewhere else.

you dont have a spare wheel? well get the wheel well cut out! the wheel wells are very heavy, think there made from cast iron. if u have nice alloys you could always buy a new alloy and mount it as part of the install, been done alot and still looks good if done properly, possibilities are endless