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Insurance and car value..

  BMW E92/Audi S3
Hi, I've just been on the phone to my insurance company and I had a cheaper quote on a low value Golf R32 than a slightly higher value Focus RS BUT on both cars, I'd have to start a new policy. So what I am asking is.. What shall I lower my budget to on the car, to get a decent quote on insurance? Where is it that I could just change the vehicle on my policy without starting a new policy. I am currently paying monthly.
Any help would be majorly appreciated!!!


  Ph1 172 and Red 197
Don’t lie about the value of the car.

It’s normally a lot cheaper to change the car on a running policy than start new. Plus it’s very much like having a new policy because if the insurance is higher you pay the difference if its lower you get money back. - depends if you pay annual or monthly