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insurance and other re-new...

  Ford Fiesta

Just renewed my cliosport membership and its the same time as my insurance and tax :-(

anyway my free Renault insurance ran out and came back as £1045 for me,

so rang round all similar Tesco £830 but Churchill who say they wont do under 21s (i was 20 this jan) got me £524 :)!!!!!! same cover £400 excess just same. Lovely. Snapped it up.

Renault gave me 2 years extra no claims bonus so their quote was based on 3 years no claims. Obviously I can only take the one year no claims to Churchill however I have 2 years previous to my Reanult insurance with Ford and a letter confirming this.

My question is because my Ford 2 years no claims lapsed in May 2002 at which point I had made 2 years no claims with them, my Renault lapses on 13th April this year so is this 3 years no claims? surely I dont just lose 11 months no claims for that month overlap.

I was insured for a few months anyway just before my free ford insurance so technically I have been insured since march 2000 for a car and have not claimed.

I am not sure how no claims are earned, for instance if I had 2 cars and 2 policies would I get 2 years no claims for one year?basically I do not want to send my proof of no claims and them get back to me saying sorry sir this shows that it is not 3 years no claims til may since there are only a few weeks seperating them.

any help appreciated