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Insurance And Selling A Car

OK, I am thinking of selling my Clio and have a question:

I want to sell my Clio and then use that money towards another car, but what if I dont find another car? Should I tell my insurance company I have sold it? Or will they cancel my policy and then i will lose my no claims for that year?

I get 2 years no claims in June, so if I sold it before that and informed them, would I get my 2 years no claims?

I was thinking about not telling them and paying the insurance normally until I find another car so I can get my no claims. Does this make sense?

Would the buyer have problems insuring as it is already insured under my name??
  Chocolate Bar™

if you ring them and tell them you have sold your car then they will cancel the insurance cover on that vehicle. you will normally be able to postpone your NCB, if you tell them you have sold the car, but will re-insure with them. you would have to discuss this with your insurance though, as it is at their descretion.

i think you can also only have one vehicle insured to one person, because im sure thats you cant insure a car if its got a copied number plate for example. not 100% positive on that one though :confused:
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My mate has insured his car for about 8 months after scrapping it and hes had no problems..

Tom_V16: Ya know I never thought of that :devilish: Well I am asking because I am impatient and might not be waiting until June.

Evoo: This is what I am thinking, but will the buyer be able to insure it with no problem?

The new car would be insured with them when I finally get it, so that isnt a problem. Only until June thou, as Liv Vic dont insure for mods now, but I might spring that one up when it comes to renewal as I have mods at the mo which they dont mind, I think they gonna knob me when it comes to renewal thou.

you can insure as many cars as you want at the same time but only yours your NCB with one (unless you build up more on a 2nd policy)

just take until june to pick you car...
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By a crappy little shotter for £100 and transfer your insurance to that til June and youll also have a wee runaround til you find the right car