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Insurance claim - Low ball offer


ClioSport Club Member
  RB182, 987, Lupo Gti
After crashing the 987 a fortnight ago, I got a call today from my insurance company's "vehicle replacement affiliate"
He mentioned the car had been written off and the value given £5,800 (nice to know they tell their affiliate before they tell me, huh)

Now, the car had covered 100,500 miles, had FSH (Porsche/Specialist), Ceramic IMS and for the most part was in quite good condition, a slight hole on the drivers bolster from wear & tear. I had not long ran a polisher over it, so the scratches were minimal.
It was a 2005(54) manual 2.7, Guards Red with heated seats and Sound package plus.

Now, the cheapest 987 on AT is £6,450, 122k & Silver.
This is a 2005(55) without heated seats

The cheapest red one is £8700 which is also 2005(55), with heated alcantara seats as the only optional extra. It's on 90k, so 10kless than mine.

What would you hold out for, value wise? Surely I'm entitled to be in a like-for-like car, which the red one is certainly very close to that.
Does distance of seller come factored into valuing cars?

Naturally, I haven't heard from them, so can't see what cars they're basing the value off of yet, but I'd like to kick back on this as early as possible to get things moving.
It's worth noting, I have the Lupo GTi, so I am not under pressure to accept a paltry offer to get back on the road.


gez 172

ClioSport Club Member
  R.S 200
100% decline the offer. If you’ve got a good policy - you should be getting ‘like for like’


ClioSport Club Member
First offer is always way too low, refuse it and start doing some homework to find similar examples.


ClioSport Club Member
  RB182, 987, Lupo Gti
They offered 6,400 as soon as I mentioned you can't get a 987 for less than £6,500 on autotrader.
Told them I want to see exactly how they derived £5,800 as market value and I'll work from that and my own examples to get a better estimate.

They offered £6,400 as an interim payment with the valuation in dispute but I told accepting nothing until I see a report and we agree on a valuation.


ClioSport Club Member
  Megane 250
Don’t accept any interim payment. Once banked it’s assumed cadevis closed. Can’t renegotiate.


ClioSport Moderator
Use words like outrageous and haggle them up by showing top price adverts .


ClioSport Club Member
  TCR'd 172
Email them some links to the what the cars are fetching. Who's the company?


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
they take cap and glass valuations which is the recognised industry standard, not necessarily what it costs you to get in the same car. Condition and what enthusiasts think the car is worth don’t matter to them as they have to go off book value.

I went through the ombudsman for this exact reason, but they declined my claim in the end after I stated I could not get in a like for like car. I showed them all the cars on autotrader at higher prices. Problem with that is they are advertised prices not sold prices. I was told by the ombudsman I should negotiate hard to which I asked the man on the phone to come with me lol. He declined. He agreed that the insurance were in the range of what the book value was.

It’s a nightmare as they upped their initial offer by £1k but still nowhere near to get me in the same car.


ClioSport Club Member
  RB182, 987, Lupo Gti
Well I called today as I hadn't received the report they said I'd receive.
She called it a customer friendly one, so I'm requesting all data on my vehicle they hold under a FOI request as they refused to send a non customer friendly one.

Looks like I'm in it for the long haul, no urgency here.
LV previously were great, these, not so.


ClioSport Club Member
  RB182, 987, Lupo Gti
So, they took over two days to send what should've been how they arrived at £5,800.

Today, I again had to chase them. They finally sent over the report, only it wasn't the report I asked for (valuation) - it was the in depth report from the engineers.

Slight issue, for them ?
It has my car valued at £7,500 in the report.