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Insurance for car without tax or mot

  R35 GTR
I need to insure my car while i repair it. Does anyone know which companies to go for?

Greenlight won't insure it as it wont be road legal.:rolleyes:
  Astra 1.9Cdti SRi
Cant you just insure it as normal, but obvious your not goin to drive it on the road, as mines currently insure but no MOT and no TAX but declared on sorn


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
I thought it had to be taxed, because if not it shouldnt be using the road...........


South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
What are you insuring it against ?

if it's undrivable, surely it's not going to get nicked. If it's with a garage/bodyshop .. they must be insured ?
  R35 GTR
I'm getting a I'm now paranoid that my "private" parking space is not technically off the road.