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Insurance gone up this year. WTF!? - who to use?

  172 - 249bhp @ the wheels
I got my renewal through today from Adrian Flux and it's gone up £50 for the year. Dont really quite understand that when I have 10 years NCD and am just on the right side of 30 years old.

Greenlight wont insure me either, so not really sure what company to use :(


ClioSport Club Member
  LY R27
Admiral did us a cracking deal this year on a multicar for both Clio's. Althouht their customer services has room for improvement. premiums seem to go up every year, the excuse they give me is that its because of all the un-insured drivers ffs
  172 - 249bhp @ the wheels
hmm, certainly wont be using admiral! They recently disclosed all of my girlfriends details to her ex boyfriend and dont seem to know what "data protection" is, so they are deffo a no go lol
  172 - 249bhp @ the wheels
skyinsurance/ollie - got your PM thanks, just been on the phone to one of your representatives who is going to call me back shortly due to all the modifications to my car lol