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insurance + high mileage=?


ClioSport Club Member
i currently have my mileage set at approx 9000 per year on my insurance but i have been offered a job a lot further away and it would increase my mileage to approx 22000 per year. would this more than double my insurance or is it just a set price increase for certain mileage?

Jeff simply

ClioSport Club Member
  BMW M4; S1000 RR
Depends whether or not you tell them you're going to do 22,000 miles a year...

Not that I promote cheating insurers:rolleyes:
  R35 GTR
On my first years insurance i paid around £42 to add 6000 miles on my 12,000 a year policy, as i told them my mileage was higher than expected. shouldnt add much though.
  133/225/CLS AMG
The number of miles you do makes quite a difference on the insurance.

The only thing is that a lot of the time insurers don't ask what you mileage is. My Megane 225 and Renault 5 are both insured for 4000 miles a year each.

Although the Megane was on 0 miles as was bought from new, they never asked the mileage on my R5!!!

Best thing is to ask them and see what the difference is.
  Civic Vtec y0
How are they guna fond out your doing extra miles?

I put 10'000 on my policy but I do about 13-14k!


  Blue ph1 172
My mother and my father can drive my car covered with their own insurance so that's where all my extra miles come from;)
good shout..!

exactly what i'd tell the b******s if anything happen...

oh, aye and my secure garage with cctv etc burned down aswell yesterday...(was gonna tell you about it)


ClioSport Club Member
thanks for the replys but i turned the job down as when i worked out the wages with shift allowance and taken away servicing, fuel etc i was'nt much better off than i am now for days